The Pey Blanc estate is a gem in the Aix wine-growing landscape. It has been a family-owned estate since 1930, and under the management of energetic winemaker Gabriel Giusiano since 2004.

Gabriel often talks about “preserving the terroir, listening to the vines and remaining attentive to their equilibrium” as he seeks to strike a balance between the elegance and freshness of his wines.

The best methods involve simply respecting the terroir’s potential and carefully training the vines for winemaking.


Pey Blanc’s know-how is mainly focused on Provence rosé wines of exceptional quality, with contemporary aromatic profiles (with thiol or amylic notes, depending on the blend).

Our white wines are also sharp and bright, whereas the reds are complex, elegant and fine.

We are committed to the sustainable development of our environment by Preserving, Promoting and Sharing our Terroir.


Pey Blanc is made up of three plots around the exceptional Vallon des Mourgues site.This 25-hectare site is in the Aix-en-Provence appellation (AOP – Protected Designation of Origin) area and is home to the various Pey Blanc “terroirs”.
The soil is primarily clay-limestone and its features make the estate’s wines more complex and characteristic.
Terroir . It is an area in which there is a collective understanding of interactions with the environment, imbuing the wine produced with particular properties.
The Pey Blanc team helps develop our own terroir through the agricultural practices we use, from the planting of the vineyard and the harvest, right up to the bottling of our product!


The heritage entrusted to us by our ancestors is maintained and honoured with humility and perseverance.
The site’s natural beauty is preserved by planting vines and maintaining the retaining walls or “restanques” which structure them.
The terroir’s integrity is also preserved through sustainable agriculture, limited to prophylactic techniques (manual or mechanical labour). The fertiliser (soil-enriching agent) used to feed our vines is organic. Where required, agrochemical treatments are used in line with environmental principles.
Our winegrower (winemaker) also preserves the social and economic capacity of our wine-growing heritage. The profile of the Provence wines produced helps maintain traditional farming activities in the Aix countryside.


Provence winemakers have proven their worth by producing the “best rosé in the world” for 2,500 years!

Provence rosé wines have achieved the status of great wines, up there with the best-known prestigious white and red wines.
Our wines’ distinctive character is recognised internationally! The greatest restaurants in the world now offer their selection of the best Provence rosés.
We are proud of our French heritage, and Provence wines are helping to promote this all around the world.


Pey Blanc creates wines to be shared.
We share our experience and know-how during a wine-tasting session at Pey Blanc.
Discover what makes a fresh and lively aperitif rosé unique, or the complex and structured character of a gourmet blend.
Share Aix culture together. Enjoy the architecture of its private mansions, take a stroll along the Cours Mirabeau before dinner and admire its thousand fountains and hundreds of restaurants. You can then stay late into the night and enjoy Aix’s nightlife.
We share fun moments with you and listen to your experiences of your “land”.
Sharing a Pey Blanc is a way of affirming your contribution to Provence heritage.