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You are waiting for it, we are waiting for you too! The PEY BLANC SPRING TASTING is April 21 at Pey Blanc from 11am, with the exceptional presence of DJ NIKKO-OJUM'S! Tasting: presentation of the new vintage Pey Blanc N ° 1 Rosé! Food: elegant aperitif with CHIPS...

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Press review “The domain is rising! “

Present for two years on the Vinisud show, the Domaine Pey Blanc in Aix-en-Provence, belongs to Gabriel Giusiano. A 40-year-old winemaker who took over the family estate and started producing his first bottles in 2004. Its particularity is its dominant rosé. Discover...

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Communication: the new Provence wine campaign

Back in images on the new communication campaign of the Vins de Provence "The Taste of Style". Superb contemporary visuals illustrating the place of choice of rosé wine in our Provencal lifestyle! We discover a picnic scene on the beach, the trendy aperitif in front...

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Pey Blanc: harvesting Olives

The harvest of Olives, or olivades, at Pey Blanc on November 14th. The varieties of Provence Aglandau, also called Verdale de Carpentras, Grossane, and Salonenques, harvested in the olive grove of the Estate, close to the cellar. Pressed in the regional mill, the...

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